Deke Cloyd

Deke_EditDeke Cloyd has been the owner and CEO of On the edge Media Group for 33 years. His ability to exceed the client’s expectations, even under the most extreme conditions has made his company a “one of a kind” in the industry today.

Deke studied at Colorado State University and graduated with a masters degree in Biology and a minor in Communications.

Deke is very proud of the fact that he raised two children on his own. He has always been most comfortable in the great outdoors, whether hiking, bow hunting, snowshoeing, kayaking or going on various photo excursions. He loves to cook as well as spend quality time with his 110 lb Anatolian / Great Pyrenees dog, Maggie.

Deke is a founding board member of Operation GIFT and enjoys being an active part of the creative process with each and every event this wonderful non-profit pursues.